Friends of Faust

We’re raising a glass to the artists, designers and restaurateurs who help make The Pact Society Napa’s most dynamic club.

One of the (many) perks of making wine for a living is that when you invite interesting people to your home, they tend to say yes. At Faust Haus, we make a point each year of welcoming a roster of creators, whose work not only inspires us but also parallels the pursuit of winemaking—the yearly release, the daily tending and tinkering, the complete commitment to craft. This might translate to a fashion designer and their seasonal collections, an artist and their latest gallery show, or a restaurateur and their newest opening. In short, we search out the kind of people we want to sit next to at a dinner party so we can pepper them with all sorts of questions–Wait, you’re a leathersmith? In Nashville? How did you get that job?! On the following pages, we ask our latest class of collaborators all those questions we wish we had remembered when they visited us in Napa.

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