Drink Like A Pro

The Ultimate Opener

“I love having a Durand opener on hand, both at the restaurant and at home. It’s durable, sleek, and the functionality of it is unmatched by any other device for opening bottles especially older ones.”
—Vincent Morrow, Beverage Director, Press Restaurant, St. Helena

A Glass for Every Wine

“When you take the Master of Wine exam, you have to bring your own glasses. I trained for the exam using the Riedel Riesling Glass for all wine —sparkling, white, red, dessert, fortified, etc. So I feel really comfortable tasting from them. And, frankly, I own more of them than any other types of glasses. It’s just so easy to grab one of those no matter what I’m drinking!”
—Vanessa Conlin, Master of Wine,
Wine Access

Got Milk?

“Mark Thomas milk-bottle decanters are great in terms of design and functionality. It is what we’ve used and continue to use at both Frenchette and Le Rock.”
—Jorge Riera, Wine Director, Frenchette
and Le Rock, NYC

Cheap Chic

“For easy entertaining I love this Libbey tasting glass. It’s the same petite (and robust) glass they use in a lot of the “hip” Paris wine bars. Libbey, meanwhile, is still made in America and inexpensive. Win, win.”
—Brooks Reitz, Restaurateur, Charleston, SC

Pewter Power

“You can get a cheap Champagne bucket from a restaurant supply site, but they lack any real style. I would go with one in pewter from Match. It’s pricey, but it will literally last a lifetime—and it’s good enough to pass on to the next generation.”
—Brooks Reitz

The Easiest Decanter

“I always recommend the Riedel O Decanter with the thumb hold and the wider opening. It’s super easy to maneuver with one hand and it has a drip-free opening. It’s also great also for beverages with ice or pre-mixed cocktails, like margaritas, in the summertime.”
—Laura Cunningham

Tech Screw

“Code 38 is one of my favorite wine keys. It has some weight to it with an ultra-slick design, and each key is hand finished. It gets the job done every single time.”
—André Hueston Mack,
Winemaker and Sommelier

A Glass with Class

“For home, I really like the Zalto ‘Universal’ glass. It’s a nice size— not too big or tall and perfect for lighter reds and whites. And I love the stems on the Zalto glasses. We use the entire series at both The French Laundry and Per Se.”
—Laura Cunningham,
Chief Creative Officer, Thomas
Keller Restaurant Group

French Open

“This Fontenille Pataud Magnum Corkscrew—available in a variety of materials—will elevate any bottle you open with it.”
— Richard Carter, Carter & Co.,
St. Helena

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