WHEN WAS THE last time a place truly moved you? A slice of the earth that has humbled you, excited you, or just simply taken your breath away?

For me, it’s walking under the ancient live oaks along the creek in our Coombsville vineyard. Tucked away from the bustle of Highway 29, it’s a small, quiet section of land where a dairy farm once stood. It’s where my favorite workdays begin and end. It’s also where The Pact, our purest expression of this vineyard, comes to life.

Every day, we challenge ourselves to work in harmony with this extraordinary place and everything it presents to us; the volcanic soil, the cooling bay breeze, and the rolling hills. For the team and me, this pursuit is nothing short of obsession, and over the last five years, we continue to deepen our knowledge of this vineyard’s beautiful complexities.

For us, it’s a process that’s never complete, and as we continue this exploration, the more we discover how every change in the soil or wind or every shift in sun exposure affects the nuanced flavors in The Pact –a cabernet that embodies the characteristics of our Coombsville vineyard.

In this inaugural issue of The Pact Journal, we’re sharing some of our best kept secrets that lay beyond winemaking: our friends. They are the makers, doers, and creators who have stories of passion –perhaps even obsession –to share behind their craft.

From the bottle’s label to our beautiful new home, The Faust Haus, and the artwork that adorns its walls, a team of passionate creators have accompanied us on our journey, and we proudly count them all as members of our extended Faust family, because like us, they’re always in pursuit of perfection.


Jen Beloz, Estate Director, Faust

A new chapter began in 2017 when Faust decided to make “the Victorian on the hill” its home, just 30 minutes down the road from our Coombsville vineyard.

Our Haus

Thanks to its proximity to the San Pablo Bay, along with its undulating hillsides and varied sun exposure, our Coombsville estate vineyard is in one of the coolest growing regions in the Napa Valley.

Our Land

Lindsay Ross’s work, which decorate the walls of the Faust Haus, seek to revive the art of wetplate collodoin, a 19th century photographic process.

The Photographer:Lindsay Ross

Roberto Ruspoli is the artist behind the expansive charcoal mural that unfurls through the Faust Haus entryway and up through its staircase, pulled from the legend of Faust.

The ArtisanRoberto Ruspoli

Michael McDermott’s label philosophy shines through in his work for Faust, where McDermott has lent his discerning eye to our label designs, including The Pact 2018.

The Label Michael McDermott