Our Land

LOCATED IN THE  southern portion of Napa Valley is our Coombsville vineyard, where we planted our vines in 1998. At the time, the region was not considered a part of the local winemaking landscape; in fact, it wasn’t even recognized as an American Viticultural Area (AVA) until 2011. And though this quiet locale was far from “the place to be,” we saw potential to create a modern take on the traditional Napa cabernet.

THANKS TO ITS proximity to the San Pablo Bay, along with its undulating hillsides and varied sun exposure, our vineyard is in one of the coolest growing regions in the Napa Valley. This draws out the ripening of our grapes, giving our wines a supple mouth feel and a strikingly textural component to their tannins.

OUR UNIQUE SOIL assists in the process too. With the Vaca Mountain Range in the distance, the area is rich in Napa Valley’s volcanic history. Millions of years later, veins of volcanic ash and soil sit beneath our vineyards, lending a distinct aroma and minerality to our wines .The result is a wine that offers a pure reflection of the site in which it was grown, full of a depth and character found only in the Coombsville AVA.​​